Limited Lifetime Warranty

All Reate Knives carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Reate packages their knives from the factory with a few spare parts, such as; grip screws and washers in case they are needed.  They do not often come with extra blade pivot screws.  Reate Knives are made of the highest quality materials and workmanship.  The factory uses a type of thread locker on their blade pivots so the blade lock up tension remains consistent.  If adjustments or maintenance is necessary it is recommended that you send in your knife to Reate Knives directly for service, to avoid stripping your pivot screws.  If you do not have the correct tools or knowledge of the disassembly process you will most likely strip the pivot heads, and possibly mar your knife accidentally.  Warning: Heating the blade pivot screws with a heating element can cause damage to the knife and is evident when it is disassembled and examined.

  • All sales including consignment purchases from TacOpTools are considered final.  Returns will only be accepted within 10 days from the actual date of purchase, if there is an obvious manufacturer's defect.  Note: Design patterns related to handle materials, such as; marbling, weave, patina, anodization, and the knife blade itself, ie: Damasteel patterns, acid washes, stonewashes, etc. ALL carry unique variation characteristics, and will differ from one knife to another, and does not constitute a manufacturer defect.

  • If there are defects or performance issues found in their knife products Reate Knives will honor their warranty directly with the customer.  All shipping fees are the responsibility of the customer.  Domestic warranties will be serviced by Reate Knives U.S.A. Division.  For all International warranties, they will be serviced by Reate Knives, Asia Division.

  • If the knife is damaged due to misuse, and a warranty is sought, the request will be brought directly to Reate Knives for evaluation to determined if it is covered under their warranty.  Any refinishing or repairs that affect the blade or handle will have to be addressed by Reate Knives, Asia.  Repairs will be addressed in a timely fashion, depending on the level of the repair.

  • Any modifications or customization made to the knife by the customer or a 3rd party are not covered under Reate Knives Limited Lifetime Warranty.